Clear Image Scientific (CIS) was founded by former military scientist Caelin Gabriel with the goal of designing power-line and cabling systems that eliminate the effects noise has on low-level signal resolution and visual imaging systems.

Clear Image Scientific’s 18,000 sq. ft. factory is located across the Puget Sound from Seattle, in Poulsbo, Washington. CIS supports a full team of customer service, production, research and development staff.

Best known for using definable science, measurement and extreme parts customization, Clear Image Scientific products have advanced the performance of the world’s finest medical and science based electronics systems, as the Case Studies detail.


Director of the Electrophysiology lab at the Minneapolis Heart Institute, Dr. Daniel Melby has special interest and experience performing complex catheter ablations for treatment of fast heart rhythms, particularly atrial fibrillation. He is a recognized expert, speaking nationally on the latest ablation techniques and technologies, and has participated in many national research studies of new ablation technology. Surgeons from all over the world visit Dr. Melby’s Lab at Abbott Northwestern Heart Hospital in Minneapolis to learn from his experience and skill in the EP field.

In 2015, Dr. Melby sought to improve healthy outcomes for his patients by exploring methods to reduce noise that interfered with resolution of low-level heart signals and imaging of the heart. He discovered that using traditional means of noise-reduction such as transformers and chokes yielded no improvement, or made noise worse. Dr. Melby was aware of Shunyata Research’s reputation and science based approach to eliminate noise in the recording and film industries. He requested an evaluation of Shunyata Research products for his Lab. The dramatic results Dr. Melby obtained lead to the beginning’s of Shunyata Research’s sister company, Clear Image Scientific®.

Clear Image Scientific products are now in place in many of the US most respected Hospitals and EP Labs as well as applications in some of the US top tech companies. CIS products have been endorsed by leading surgeons and biomedical teams who have witnessed first hand CIS products ability to improve resolution and eliminate noise.

Dr Melby’s results: