Jefferson Health, Philadelphia

"As someone who was junior faculty at University of Oklahoma with Dr Warren Jackman as their mentor, noise in the lab is the first thing that was eliminated daily before cases started with the help of an electrical engineer. In my lab, however, I do not have an electrical engineer troubleshooting every day. I have spent many hours to the best of my ability eliminating noise by placing toroids on every cord, keeping noisy pumps or bear hugger heaters on different circuits, and making sure AC power did not run in parallel to my low level signal lines to the recording system. Nevertheless, there was inconsistency in signal noise from day to day in the lab. In addition, we had the stock power conditioner units from Bard and Biosense Webster installed.

After we installed the CIS 6 units to both our Carto 3 cart with Stockert Smart Ablate and to our Bard recording amplifier, we saw an immediate improvement in signal quality and removal of the AC line noise. First, we no longer have ablation noise during times when RF is active which allows us to see actively what we are doing to the local signals. Secondly, we now have the cleanest 64 unipolar signals that I have seen in any of the labs that are doing Topera Rotor based Mapping.
This is consistent now on a daily basis and that allows for efficiency in the lab which is important. Clean signals are critical for all of the Biosense algorithms to work well. You need clean unipolar signals to accurately find the local timing on the bipolar signal. Further clean signals make sure ripple mapping is showing you true fractionated signals not noise.

I can unequivocally say we have changed from Garbage in = Garbage out to Gold in = Gold out in out lab! The installation of the CIS system was minimal and the CIS 6 fit perfectly into the rack where our Bard recording amplifier is. Better yet we were able to fit the CIS onto the base of our Stock Carto 3 rolling cart from Biosense Webster. We cannot wait to install this into out other EP lab in the new year."

Dr. Bradley Bacik
Director of Electrophysiology
Jefferson Health
Philadelphia, PA

I can unequivocally say we have changed from Garbage in = Garbage out to Gold in = Gold out in out lab!