CIS Model-6

The Clear Image Scientific® CIS Model-6 is a six-outlet power conditioner that has been recognized by hospitals and physicians around the world for its ability to measurably eliminate power line noise related problems. Case studies have demonstrated the dramatic effectiveness of CIS power conditioners to improve medical imaging performance.

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CIS NR Power Cords

The Clear Image Scientific NR (Noise Reduction) power cord measurably isolates power supply and power-line generated noise by incorporating custom-designed multi-stage filters within its design. Each NR power cord will prevent conducted high frequency noise from being conducted through the power-line to other noise-sensitive electronics. Inter-component noise contamination is the most serious threat to the resolution of low-level signals and images. The CIS NR power cord will dramatically reduce noise on the power-line as well as noise coming back onto the power line from pumps, motors, digital electronics, amps, generators, air blowers and other noisy electronics.

Applications: CIS NR power cords can be made to any length so they are ideal for electronics that are remote from the main system, boom or rack. CIS NR power cords will eliminate the noise signatures from a wide variety of electronics but are ideal for electronics that are either extremely noise sensitive, or are the top noise producing components in the system.

CIS Power Cords

5 foot standard length 100% shielded, grounded power cords.

CIS power cords are designed to isolate component power supplies from the fields of radiated electromagnetic and radio frequency noise that surround crowded electronics systems.

CIS power cords are engineered with custom-designed, crimped and soldered AC connectors for ideal transfer of current and are made with snug-fit connectors that maintain perfect contact integrity and will never lose their grip. CIS power cords should be installed on all electronics tasked with the resolution of low-level signals and images, including mapping systems, computers, monitors, amplifiers, generators, pumps and other electronics that are in close proximity to noise-sensitive imaging systems.