Clear Image Scientific designs and manufactures power-line products that measurably and dramatically improve the resolution of low-level signals and images. Clear Image Scientific power-distributors and shielded power cords are designed for use in the medical and scientific industries.  CIS products are currently in use within many of the world’s finest hospitals, heart surgery labs and with major US tech and science companies. See Case Studies for examples.

Clear Image Scientific is a sister company to Shunyata Research. For twenty years, Shunyata Research has been the premier US manufacturer of power and signal systems for the film, recording, mastering and consumer industries. Shunyata Research products can be found within the professional film industry’s finest film and sound studios such as Sony Music, SkyWalker Sound, Shangri-La,  Astoria (Pink Floyd) and many, many more.

Case Studies

Our research has now proven that advanced medical imaging systems are dramatically impacted by electrical noise generated by the surrounding electrical environment as well as the multiple components plugged into a single power line.


CIS has developed patented technologies that reduce power line noise and CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference) and incorporates these technologies into their state of the art equipment.


The CIS power conditioners and cords are now a permanent part of the Operating Room Systems at the Minneapolis Heart Institute and have been recommended to countless other hospitals based on their astounding success.

    Cardiac signals had jaw dropping improvements in both resolution and noise to a level that I have never seen, and that I didn’t know was even possible.